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Sewing Basics. Sewing Scissors.

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Some sewing scissors are for general use when working with fabric; others are for specific tasks.

1. Buttonhole Scissors After you sew a buttonhole, these specialty scissors enable you to cut it open safely and easily.

2. Pinking Shears These give a zigzag that will not unravel.

3. Thread Nippers The design makes these extremely convenient: Slip your fourth finger through the loop, and use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the ends together.

4. Tailor's Shears At 10 inches, these make longer cuts than standard dressmaker's shears. Some pairs are heavy enough to work with the thickest upholstery.

5. Eight-Inch Dressmakers Shears These are classic shears for cutting fabric. A ribbon is tied around the handle as an indicator that this pair is for fabric only -- or simply write the word "fabric" on their side with a permanent marker. The bent-handled design makes it easy to cut along a flat work surface.

6. Embroidery Scissors These are ideal for embroidery and other needlework, as well as for snipping threads and doing precision cutting.

7. Applique Scissors Use the flat, curved plate to lift the excess fabric to be trimmed from applique work.

See more at: Sewing Basics. The Basic Sewing Kit.

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