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4 Jeans-Shopping Tips That Will Change Your Life.

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If you’re like the majority of women out there—at least, the ones we’ve met—you probably agree with the sentiment that, by and large, shopping for jeans is often a less-than pleasant experience (second, maybe only, to shopping for swimsuits). It’s hard to find ones that fit just right, and the process to get there can be (at best) frustrating and (at worst) utterly humiliating. (Muffin top, anyone?)

Luckily, our resident styling expert Marissa Webb has some genius tips for making the whole experience way more bearable—and successful. Keep scrolling to see her tips for jeans-shopping that will change your life!

1. Don’t size up - really!

4 Jeans-Shopping Tips That Will Change Your Life

When buying skinny jeans, they should be on the tighter side when you’re trying them on, because once you get them home, they will stretch out. You should be slightly uncomfortable in the fitting room.

2. It’s not just about the front.

Don’t forget to look at your backside—it’s just as important as the way the jeans look from the front.

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3. Do your research.

Don’t always seek out your go-to brands. There are a lot of interesting brands out there to explore, and many different fits to try on.

4. It’s all about the ankles.

For the perfect cropped length, look for a pair that hits at the slimmest part of your ankle.

See more at: Sewing Master-Class. Levi's Master Tailer: Fit Makes A Garment. (VIDEO)

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